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Kim Forchuk - Thrive In Spite Of It

Relationships Survive Death

Welcome to my Healing Center!

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About Kim Forchuk

Kim Forchuk, M.O.M. is  from Alberta, Canada.  She is a wife and mother of two, her daughter is here in the physical and her son is on the other side. Kim has worked as a Parent Coach for 18 years. She earned her “Mentor of Ordinary Miracles” degree by being a mother as well as studying at the prestigious School of Hard Knocks.  She began noticing ordinary miracles in 1989 when her mom transitioned to the other side, Kim was 20 years old. Her studies continued at that same school; by the time Kim and her husband, Greg, had turned 40 they’d lost seven of their immediate family members. 

When their son transitioned, Kim intuitively knew that the grief patterns that they’d followed for the past 20 years were no longer going to work for them. Kim had a shift from within and felt compelled to thrive in the midst of grief. 

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 I hope you will make a little time to explore the unpretentious wisdom she has gleaned from her own experiences and allow it to lighten any darkness in your days and/or bring solace to any tender parts of your own soul. I, myself, have been deeply moved by her brilliant insights and heartfelt sharing.

Karen Lanser

Thank you Kim for being such an inspiration, teacher and role model to so many! Your example of how to thrive in the midst of adversity has impacted more lives than you could possibly imagine!! I am forever honoured to be on your team and so grateful that you are on mine!!

Leah Meier

Strong, courageous simply an inspiration! Even though she was dealing with her own personal tragedies, she did not let that stop her from delivering a speech so beautiful and memorable that years after graduation, her son’s classmates still talk about Kim and the way she inspired them to allow shift to happen in their lives, embrace it and stay true to who they are.

Lisa Astalos

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Taber, Alberta, Canada


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