Parenting Support

I have been a Parent Coach for 17 years and I know that parenting can be both very rewarding and very difficult. It can be even more challenging when the child you are raising is bereaved - this I know from experience.  

I am most proud of the letters that follow my name - Kim Forchuk, M.O.M.  - Mentor of Ordinary Miracles. Being Mom to two beautiful Miracles - my daughter who is still here in the physical and my son who has transitioned to the other side.

It is also my life purpose to help others notice the everyday - ordinary miracles - thus, being a Mentor of Ordinary Miracles is what i do everyday!  

I utilize my Parent Coaching knowledge as well as my lived experience as a M.O.M. to come along side parents, including those who are raising a bereaved child, and support them as they navigate the challenges that can come with parenting.  


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